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Philanthropy is defined as the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of mankind, as by charitable aid or donations (pulled from Wikipedia – pretty fancy, huh).

Our intention is not to sound too important or talk too much about what we do in terms of pro-bono work, but we do think it is important to share our overall philosophy with our audience so people understand how we think and operate.

At adWhite we believe in giving back as much as we can. Since 2003 we have made it part of our corporate mission to donate a set amount of time each month to charitable causes. Fortunately we have been able to increase that amount each year. Our entire team understands that there are many needs in our community and world and we try our best to support as many as we can with time and service contributions, financial aid and heavily discounted products.

Some of the organizations we have supported in the past as well as those we continue to support include: 21 Strong Foundation, AVM Research Foundation, ASTTER, Aid to Zambia, Beyond Batten Disease, Homeless Wheelchairs, Inc., Interfaith Community Clinic, Interfaith of The Woodlands, Interfaith Veggie Village, MS 150, Montgomery County Homeless Coalition, Montgomery County Meals on Wheels, National Charity League, National Charity Roundtable, New Danville, SOLE impact, Swing For A Cure and The Woodlands Eating Disorders Association.

If you or your organization has a need that adWhite may be able to help with, please contact us.

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