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Does your company rely on outbound lead generation methods like cold calling, mailers, billboards, radio spots and commercial advertisements? Inbound lead generation methods are targeted and bring in people that have shown intent by looking for your type of services or solutions. 

Outbound methods are sent to a mass audience and people that are not in your target demographics. Inbound leads are warm and familiar with your brand, because they find you when searching for something, and best of all, an inbound lead generation approach costs much less! Inbound leads cost 61% less per lead when compared to lead generation via outbound methods.

When an inbound lead comes in, whether through a targeted ad or organically through content, search engines and social media, you'll have an integrated approach and system to nurture and manage the relationship with potential buyers. You can see where the lead came from, what they are interested in, what they have already viewed and deploy easier ways to follow up, track activity and nurture the relationship with potential buyers. 

Some of the most effective inbound lead generation tactics deployed on behalf of your brand by adWhite include:

  • Development and staff training on buyer personas 
  • Refreshing websites, content, SEO and the user experience
  • Blog posts with thorough education, insights and clear calls to action
  • Landing pages, lead capture forms and automated responses
  • Email newsletters filled with great content
  • Press releases and mentions in the media
  • Retargeting previous website visitors on Google and on social media
  • Sales enablement services to help turn leads into customers

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