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Did you know, the average number of attempts a sales representative makes today to establish contact with a prospect is more than 15? In addition, over half the people a given sales rep contacts are not an ideal match for your products and services.

Sales enablement brings a different, modern approach to sales by providing the information, content and tools that will help sales reps sell more effectively. What each sales team needs to gauge the lifecycle of a sale and to engage a buyer throughout the buying process will be unique. 

Sales enablement services will include the development of customer facing content, testimonials, comparison and case studies, industry best practices and information that is easy to consume, refresh and reuse.

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More Sales Enablement Guidelines And Best Practices

  • Sales enablement is less about the sales team and more about the buyers, their habits, personalities and journey with your brand. You'll learn what to serve up to buyers, and when.
  • Inbound marketing is a great foundation to a successful sales enablement engagement, as inbound marketing can lower the costs of lead generation and provide warmer, more targeted leads for your sales team.
  • Sales resources should be easy to find on your website, and easy to apply in follow ups, whether your sales team consists of one member or over 100. Your website is a sales channel that should further help your sales team succeed.
  • Measurement is also an important function of sales enablement. With adWhite sales enablement services, you will be able to track the average sales cycle length, each individual sales reps quota, number of activities and the average deal size in a customer relationship management (CRM) platform.